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// I think I finished all my drafts and wrote starters for everyone that requested one. If I missed your reply please send me a message! And if anyone else still wants a starter from me ‘like’ this post and I’ll be happy to write one. :)

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She lowered her sunglasses to better see the newcomer; the movement sent little ripples down the surface of the pool.


          ” —- Ah, Happy 4th of July. Here to join our Evil Pool Party, are you?” 

     “I … I think I’m in the wrong place, I wasn’t invited to any pool parties … ”

Wait a second. Did she say …


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Taissa nodded with a warm smile at Joey’s request. “Mmhmm. I promise.” Her face lit up as she lifted her free hand to him, tucking her middle three fingers beneath her thumb to extend her last one. “Even better, I’ll pinkie promise you. You can’t break a pinkie promise.”

His next questions prompted her to stop, and she thought for a moment. There were aspects of the case she wasn’t permitted to discuss with him — in fact, she had been given orders not to. Sharing who she’d worked with or met wasn’t one of them, and technically she was allowed to speak of it, but she wondered if it was a good idea to be discussing it with him. While it was good for him to be talking about what had happened and understanding it, it was also imperative that he moved on from it and not let it affect his development.

"I did work with Ryan a bit, and some of the other agents who were on the case," she replied carefully, trailing off as she remembered Debra. She’d worked with her the closest, and in the few weeks they’d gotten to know each other, the woman had been a mentor and role model to her. Thinking about her death still hurt. "I met your dad. Didn’t speak to him very much but… yes, I met him a couple times."

Studied him in school too, she wanted to add, but decided against it.

"What did your counselor tell you about him? I’m assuming you guys talked about him sometimes." Before she went and opened her big mouth and said something she shouldn’t, she needed to know the extent of Joey’s knowledge about his father.

     Giggling, he wrapped his own pinky around hers to complete the swearing of the promise. “Okay,” he said between soft bouts of laughter, “then it’s a deal!”

     He listened intently as she answered his question, nodding slowly. “Ryan’s the one that got me out when they took me,” he muttered; there was no need to explain who ‘they’ were, he knew Taissa already knew that too. “I like him,” he added abruptly, resolute. During a time of such uncertainty and fear Ryan had been a strong, calming figure and even though they didn’t spend much time together Joey regarded him with absolute respect and admiration nowadays.

     The tables turned on the question and now it was his turn to share something personal. He thought back to the sessions with the counselor and the times his father had been brought up as a subject. “She told me nothing that happened was my fault, but I knew that already. She mostly wanted me to tell her how I felt. And … ” Joey looked away, avoiding Taissa’s eyes.

     ” … and she explained dad has something where he sort of doesn’t feel anything when he hurts people.” They had explained the concept of lack of empathy to Joey but it was still something a little tricky for him to grasp; the boy pushed the ice-cream around with his spoon but stopped eating for some time. “That that’s why he hurts them, and also because he feels a lack of control sometimes. And before, dad told me he just can’t help it,” he shrugged and kept his gaze trained on his frozen treat.

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Constantly, Joey.” The typical tenor of confidence in his voice is cracking in the face of his son. The smallest being he knows is his ultimate weakness. All that he does to save some bond with his son is so easily undone at the mention of what he has done, the truth of who he is. “It was part of why I asked Emma to go to you. 


                                    I wanted to know you. 

                                               What you liked

                                        What you do for fun

                                                     I had to know.” 

This moment is so painful and tender between them. Joe has not felt such pain in ages. This wound inside his chest, a sharp pain into what some would think surely an otherwise empty cavity. If only you could feel what I do now, Claire. You would not call me a monster if you knew the pain this causes me to defend myself to my own son

        “And you like Emma, don’t you, Joey?
        I sent her to you and your mother because
        I knew she would care for you and your mother.” 

Joe meets the gaze of his son. Many men and women could not dare to meet his gaze as they sat before him in the government facility visiting room, thick glass and large tables between them. Now a boy can stare into his eyes and Joe is the one to feel the weaker. “That is..that is very much what I am saying. For me it was like resisting the need to eat, to drink.” 

                   He thinks me mad, Joe thinks in vain as the words stammer from his mouth. He worries each moment now he is losing the tenuous hold he had upon their unstable but strengthening friendship. He feels it slipping through his grasp like water in cupped palms.

     The knowledge that he had always been in Joe’s thoughts hit him like a ton of bricks. Because once again it blurred the line between monster and caring father, and how could someone be both? Joey wanted to run away from the one and embrace the other—- how was he supposed to choose when ‘both’ were in fact one in the same? He searched his father’s face for signs of dishonesty, replayed the words in his head to see if they were lies; but Joey came up empty and was forced to believe his father was, indeed, telling the truth.

                                            “I wanted to know you too,”

     The admission came out abruptly, surprising even Joey as the words slipped out. It was a subject he avoided at all costs and yet now it had been ripped out from his lips, displayed in the open for the world to hear. He felt his cheeks growing warmer and realized he was embarrassed of thinking such a ludicrous thing.

     “I liked Emma,” he emphasized the past tense, “before she took me away from mom.” It was hard to let go of a grudge when someone you used to trust so much betrayed you so badly. But part of me still remembers her with love, he almost added before he thought better of it.

     What happened next gave him pause; Joey struggled - once again - to understand how the mind of a psychopath worked … and it was finally beginning to be clear. 

                                        “… like the need to eat … and … drink … ”

             —- he repeated slowly, mulling over every word. So he’d been right and it was something his father couldn’t control … and dad’s not sorry about any of it.

     “But …”


     He didn’t know what to say and the hurt was written all over his face. There was no way to defend his father’s actions or to make things better. Any hope Joey had been secretly clinging to had been knocked out of him in an instant. His head was spinning and he backtracked towards the wall, slumped against it and slid to the ground. He looked back at Joe and tried to speak but found that his mouth was too dry and his mind too jumbled. So instead he remained sitting against the wall, tightly hugging his legs and wondering if being unable to stop oneself from killing was somehow better than killing for a real motive.

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       Who even carried spiders around anyway? You could get bitten, and die.

             Not to mention their eight legs were super scary.



Lips pulled back into a taut line, not satisfied until it was put away. Once it was gone, the girl visibly relaxed, and rubbed her eyes. She had not almost started crying. Nope.

       “It wasn’t poisonous or anything, you know. It was kinda friendly!” He was a little disappointed he had to release the arachnid—-

                                              —-but it was worth it if it kept the girl from bursting into tears.  image

     “I’m Joey, by the way,” he told her - after waiting to make sure she had calmed down - and offered the girl a friendly grin.

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     It wasn’t that uncommon to find the boy spending time in university libraries, perusing the shelves or curled up in a discreet corner. Libraries were never-changing places and little Joey took comfort in them; and of course they offered excellent reading material, though for that he preferred public libraries - university ones tended to be too didactic for his tastes.

     But he still managed to find a few age-appropriate books in there, usually for courses focusing on Children’s Literature, and so from time to time he’d visit. He was accustomed to the students glancing his way to point and comment about him, after all it wasn’t every day that a child hung around on campus, but today there was something different: a pretty, blonde girl, who looked to be of the right age for a university student, was positively staring. Joey briefly wondered if he was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be, but her expression wasn’t one of anger - it was more like she was curious about him. Not one to be shy, he looked right back at her cheekily;

     “Do you have any books that you recommend to someone like me?” he asked with a grin. “This is a pretty big place, it’s hard to find things in here.” 

     [Sure, let’s act like it’s perfectly normal for an 11 year old to be hanging around an University library.]

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     ”I don’t like it. Don’t do it again.”

           She can be very commanding for a six year old.

     “Okay, okay, I won’t!!” came his hasty, slightly whiny retort.

He turned around to put away the hairy spider he’d been carefully holding in his cupped hands.

     “You can calm down, alright? I won’t do it again, I promise.”

Joey really didn’t like causing any grief to people, especially to a little girl younger than himself.

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( sonofakiller )


    “Stop it! Stop it! You’re scaring me!”

     “But I was just —- “

He took a step back, away from her. “I’m sorry okay, I didn’t mean to!”

     “But it’s nothing, see? It’s, it’s nothing to be scared of … ”

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There was still a faint snicker that escaped from her lips as the little boy grumbled at her and dusted himself off. She’d been right, though, putting a bit of space between them really seemed to calm him down, so she had no qualms losing the extra-sweet persona she’d assumed.  “Of course I’m telling the truth, what interest would I have in lying to you?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow and smirking slightly.

The irony here was that for someone so concerned with the truth, the boy himself wasn’t telling it. Melinda could tell without a shadow of a doubt that his name wasn’t Aaron. This peaked her interest and she finally tossed her phone back in her purse and knelt down to be in the same level with the child.


"You wanna try that again with a bit more conviction?”

Finally, she thought as he started to offer a bit of an explanation for his erratic behavior. “A bad man, huh? In what way? There are different kinds of bad.” Maybe that wouldn’t make sense to not-Aaron, but it was a crucial detail to satiate her curiosity. She explained: “Bad could span anywhere from stealing candy from babies to mass murderer.” She’d know, being a villain herself, and wondered if the time to reveal that little tidbit would ever come. Not-Aaron’s use of the word ‘follower’ was also interesting - it suggested something bigger than just your average deadbeat dad. “In any case, I have nothing to do with any of that, so you’re safe here, okay?” There it was, the return of the sweet, trustworthy smile.

     “—- I … you could … if maybe … well I don’t know!” he stammered, getting a little flustered with the frustration. “You could be lying because you’re working for my father!” Joey was fairly convinced she was innocent of that now but it was the only explanation he could offer the girl.

     He realized his lie had been a poorly told one right off the bat: Melinda came down to his level and she was staring with gloating, all-knowing eyes piercing into him, making the boy even more nervous … and defensive. “I don’t have to tell you my name if I don’t want to!” The reality of it was he wasn’t used to people pushing him; everyone walked on eggshells around Joey and the girl’s straightforward personality was strange to a boy like him.

     “You … really wanna know, don’t you?” She was very insistent and somehow still came off friendly as she lectured him on the different types of evil. Maybe she was another on the growing list of people who manipulated him but Joey was inclined to believe that trustworthy smile of hers. He took a deep breath and told her everything in a single exhale: “My real name’s Joey. Aaron is the name Witness Protection gave me. My dad, you probably saw him on TV, he … he’s what they call a serial killer who leads a, um, they call it a cult. Joe Carroll? Mom and I are in hiding because of him and that’s why I’m not supposed to be out here by myself but I just had to get out for a while!”

     An exhausted breath escaped his lips, as if telling the truth had required monumental effort from him — and it had. Because if he was wrong about Melinda’s innocence, if her charming ways were just a front … then he had ruined everything his family had been building, and in less than five minutes. His initial unease about her better had been nothing more than paranoia. 

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"J-Joe?" he called out timidly, already second-guessing his decision to be there. Mom would be so upset if she found out. But something compelled him to go, on that one day of the year. He took a deep breath and mustered up the courage to say what was on his mind: "Happy father’s day, Joe."


"Joey," he murmurs his son’s name on the exhale of a breath withheld, the anticipation ignored in his chest until his son’s voice broke the silence. 

                      “I had worried you might not make it this year.

                        I’m quite glad you did though.

                        It is my favorite day when you come to see me.” 

He studies the changing features of his son, the way the contours of his face are firming, jaw lines becoming more defined. He was growing up so fast and Joe was missing all of it. Every day his son had new adventures and experiences and yet he only saw these changes once a year. It was painful to think of all the time rightfully his that was stolen away from him by the FBI, by Ryan Hardy. 

---But despite it all, on this one day he sees his son and beams with pride at the man he is growing into

                        { I must get out of here. And this time, I’ll do it correctly. }

                                                “How have you been?
                                                              How is your mother?” 

     “It just took me a little longer to get here,” he said softly, raising his shoulders in a barely visible shrug. Joey dropped his gaze to his hands, both tightly intertwined on his lap. He had visited his father in prison last year too, and the year before … but it still made him uncomfortable. The thick glass separating them was a constant and glaring reminder of the danger the man behind it represented, which was something Joey tried hard to forget.

                     Because it hurt him to think of how many people his father had hurt.

     Joe was where he was meant to be —- because at least in there he couldn’t harm anyone else. There would be no more innocent victims and for that Joey was grateful. But he knew there was a death sentence dangling over his father’s head and that’s what compelled him to visit every year without fail. No matter how much he resented his father for his crimes Joey could never wish him dead; and so he came while he still had time left to do so.

     “I’ve been good,” he found the strength to look up at Joe, “and you? As okay as you can be in here?” He paused and a thick silence followed the question about his mother. Joey hesitated to talk about Claire because as far as he knew she wouldn’t want him to be visiting, much less talking about her. He decided to say something neutral when it came to her but that was exciting for him. “Mom’s fine. I finally convinced her to let me get a dog!”


     It was rare to see him smile so openly around Joe. It could even be said the curve on his lips and the glint in his eyes held some mischief behind them."But just —- she doesn’t know I’m here. I snuck out because I don’t think she’d like the idea of having me visit. So it’s a secret." He didn’t like keeping things from Claire at all but … it gave him a sense of accomplishment to know he could manage to drop by in secrecy and not be found out.

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